Invest in your Smile.

Dental treatment is an investment in your overall health. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining the proper dental care. Here at Preferred Dental Group we are sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations, therefore, we provide different options to accommodate our patients.

We offer the following options for the payment of your dental treatment:

Patient co-pays are due upon service.

Patients who do not have insurance must pay in full on date of service. For your convenience we accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

We have affordable financing available through Care Credit. Financing plans are available for people with a wide range of credit history. There are no fees to apply. There are no prepayment penalties. You may apply online, by phone or simply come in to our office and we will help you to complete the necessary application.

The one who asks questions doesn't lose his way.

You and your insurance company have an agreement that does not involve Preferred Dental Group. We will provide you with a plan outlining the best course of treatment for you. Our recommendations are never based upon your insurance coverage or its limitations. We will recommend treatment for you with the same care we would for a member of our own family. Insurance companies do not base your benefits on what you need; they base them on what payout they can profitably secure based upon how much your employer has paid them. If your insurance company rejects a claim, pays only a portion and/or refuses to pay for a service, it is not a reflection of how important or necessary the service is. You must remember that dental insurance is designed to offset the cost of your dental treatment. All policies have exclusions or offer alternate benefits. We will provide you with a written estimate prior to your treatment based on the percentage scale your insurance provides us. We want you to know that a core belief of our group is to provide you with the best possible dental care experience. We work very hard to keep our fees low while providing you with the finest dental care available in a clean, comfortable environment. Any amount not covered by the insurance provider becomes the responsibility of the patient.

We participate with most Dental PPO's and are happy to assist you by submitting claims to your participating insurance for you.

Participating Dental PPO's include:


Please call us to inquire about your PPOP.

Electronic Claims

Our office utilizes electronic claims processing. Most major insurance companies accept electronic claims. By filing your claim electronically, information is submitted more efficiently. This benefits our patients because the turnaround time on claims is faster and fewer claims are returned or denied. We are happy to submit your dental claims to your insurance company on your behalf.